Acto Pritchard Lamb Teat Yellow

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The ever popular Pritchard™ Screw on Lamb Teat has a flutter valve which lets air back into the bottle as the lamb is drinking. Seals onto most modern glass or plastic bottles with straight threads. Has a yellow plastic base and a soft red latex drinking nipple.

Care instructions - as with other latex products, the Pritchard™ lamb teat nipple needs to be kept out of sunlight and should be washed in mild warm water. Be careful not to lose the ball bearing during washing. We also recommend keeping in an airtight bag if keeping teats over from one season to the next.

Washing in hot water softens and deteriorates the nipple. Leaving in the sunlight turns the latex brittle and hard.

Care must be taken when cutting the top of the lamb teat - start higher up the teat for a lighter flow rate and further down the teat for more vigorous lambs