Dunstan Extruded Rice 20kg

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The 100% Rice- based feed with Rice Bran Oil 

Calorie-dense for weight gain

Assists with developing ‘topline’ and muscle development.

Highly digestible, therefore avoiding some of the behavioural issues associated with undigested starch in the hindgut.

Suitable alternative energy source for horses prone to 'tying-up'.

A great replacement for oats enhances coat sheen.

anti-allergenic - suitable for horses that are gluten sensitive

Dunstan Extruded Rice with Rice Bran Oil is formed through the extrusion of polished white rice after mixing with Rice Bran Oil.

Extruded Rice, like the cereals Maize, Barley and Oats, is a carbohydrate source, noted for its calorie dense addition to the ration, therefore making it ideal for weight gain.

Rice is often said to be ' Anti-Allergenic' and for animals that react to Gluten, rice is often used as the cereal of choice.

Rice Bran Oil is included in this product to complement the energy status of Rice. However, within Rice Bran Oil is a natural compound, Gamma Oryzanol, known for its effect on muscle integrity and development.

Extruded Rice plus Rice Bran Oil is well digested by the horse and therefore provides a very safe way to feed a calorie-dense grain, reducing the risk of hind-gut fermentation which often leads to digestive upset or colic.

The extrusion of Rice to gelatinise the starch offers further opportunity for enhanced digestion.