McMillan Grain Free 20kg

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McMillan Grain Free is a low GI, fully formulated and balanced super fibre feed designed for all horses requiring low starch diets including those with conditions such as laminitis, cushings, equine metabolic syndrome, colic, hindgut acidosis, developmental orthopaedic disease and tying up. Contains organic minerals and natural vitamin E.


• High levels of digestible fibre for optimum hindgut health and slow release energy.

• High quality amino acids and antioxidants for quality muscle development and repair.

• Premium organic minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, including natural Vitamin E.


• Must be soaked before feeding.

• Soak 2 parts water / 1 part Grain Free.

• McMillan Grain Free can be fed alone, or combined with other feed ingredients as part of a balanced diet.

• Designed to complement New Zealand forages and create a balanced diet when fed at the following levels daily:


300kg = Up to 1kg

400kg  = 1 - 1.5kg

500kg  = 1.5 - 2kg

600kg  = 2 - 2.5kg

INGREDIENTS SELECTED FROM: Super Fibres, (Soy Hulls and Beet Pulp Shreds), Full Fat Soyabean Meal, Full Fat Canola Meal, Cold Pressed Canola Oil, Magnesium Oxide, Di-Calcium Phosphate, High Quality Vitamin and Mineral Pre-mix, Natural Vitamin E, Mould Inhibitor, KER Vitamin and Mineral Pre-mix containing Zinpro organic minerals.


Always provide access to sufficient fibre such as hay, chaff or pasture to ensure good hindgut digestive physiology. At least 1.5% of the horse’s body weight should be provided as fibre.

Split feed amounts in as many feeds as possible but ideally no less than two feeds per day.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.