Budgie Boost Mix

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Made from a delicious mix of high-quality ingredients, Budgie Boost Mix is high in carbohydrates, protein and minerals. That makes it a great all-round healthy feed for small birds, especially as the added panicum gives them access to essential minerals while linseed and oilseed rape provide Omega-3 (the good fats) known to boost feather health and sheen.

  • Premium bird feed mix designed for budgies
  • Includes oilseed rape and linseed for extra omega-3
  • Dust-free
  • New Zealand-grown canary seed

Ingredients: NZ Canary Seed, White French Millet, Hulled Oats, Panicum, Linseed, Oilseed Rape

Typical Analysis: Protein 14.1%, Fibre 5.6%, Fat 8.4%.